Starfruit for health benefits

Starfruit for health benefits

Star fruit or Techspeak Averrhoa carambola is one of the main fruits of the tropical plains that have a unique shape that is shaped like a star. Star fruit has a green color when young and yellow when ripe.

Flavors of star fruit sweet and fresh can be eaten directly or can be made processed food. Star fruit contains vitamin C which makes our bodies to be fresh when eaten. the content of vitamin C of star fruit is enough to meet the needs of daily vitamin C our bodies.

Besides containing vitamin c, star fruit contains a lot of other nutrients, such as vitamin B6, vitamin E, protein and fiber that our body needs. in addition to the starfruit contains many vitamins are also many benefits to our bodies.

1. Make the skin fresh and youthful
The rich content of vitamin C and vitamin E in the leatherback can make the skin can be more fresh and youthful, besides consumed leatherback can also be used as a mask for the face

2. Antioxidant
Belimbing becomes one of the main fruits are high in antioxidants because of star fruit contains many polyphenolic flavonoids are beneficial for our bodies, the type of flavonoids including quercetin and epicatechin. These compounds may help inhibit the effects of free radicals. polyphenols contained in star fruit reached 43 mg / 100 grams of star fruit.

3. Healthy diet
Dietary fiber in starfruit healthy for our body, a lot of the benefits of fiber in the leatherback that may help protect against colon and absorption of cholesterol, calories carambola has 30 calories suitable for a healthy diet

4. Lowering Blood Pressure
Phosphorus, potassium, and iron are essential nutrients for your body to help reduce blood pressure and heart rhythm.

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