Healthy with organic food

Healthy with organic food

A healthy lifestyle is the goal of all human beings, with a healthy lifestyle we can enjoy life more perfect. healthy we can eat well, sleep well and activities are not disrupted.

Healthy with organic food
Healthy living starts from enough sleep, exercise, and healthy foods. healthy food is food that is free of pesticides, pesticide-free foods or organic foods are very necessary for our body because of the vegetables and fruits that do not contain toxic pesticides are not harmful to our bodies.

the benefits of organic food for our body.

1. The body will be healthier
The body will be healthier because the food is free of pesticides, pesticides can poison the body sooner or later.

2. Increase endurance
With organic food will increase endurance, so that the body will not easily hurt and the body will remain in a state of healthy vitamins from the fruit can process the body into energy.

3. Protected from dangerous diseases
Diseases such as stroke, liver damage, kidney damage would have been avoided if diligently eating organic food because free of chemicals from pesticides.

Pesticides can be harmful to our bodies, by the way into the mouth through food, pesticide hazards are as follows

1. Damage the respiratory system
Pesticides can damage the respiratory system with effects that long because of the chemicals contained in pesticides can cause bronchitis, lung and affect the performance of the heart.

2. Dangerous for pregnant women, infants and children.
Pesticides are very dangerous for pregnant women, infants, and children, the toxins contained in pesticides are very dangerous because when inhaled or ingested by pregnant women, the baby will have Down syndrome and birth defects were born to suffer.

3. Pestisida cause cancer.
who is not familiar with cancer, cancer is a disease with a very high number of deaths in the world,

4. Pesticides make unhealthy food again
Pesticides makes us unhealthy food because pesticides have mixed poison into the food we eat.

Diseases caused by chemical pesticides is quite a lot but try to discuss blog sampulpertanian several diseases caused by pesticides.

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